Peter O'Donnell Jr. Brain Institute

Understanding becomes healing

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An alliance of scientists, professors and clinical care specialists united in confronting brain disorders of all kinds.

Our work, from scientific research, to education to clinical care, is at the epicenter of a new era of understanding the most complex organ in medicine. Learn more about the progress happening here.

New Insight Into Alzheimer’s

An O’Donnell Brain Institute molecular biologist leads a team to new understanding of a key mechanism in Alzheimer’s disease, which may soon lead to a brand-new therapy.

New Understanding of the Importance of Circadian Rhythms

An O’Donnell Brain Institute neuroscientist is shedding light on the numerous ways our internal clocks impact our overall health, including the impact of daylight saving time.

New Hope for Depression Patients

An O’Donnell Brain Institute clinical psychiatry researcher is finding new ways to make sure depression patients get the best medication for their unique biomarkers.

New Surgical Advances for Brain Cancer Patients

UT Southwestern becomes the first hospital in Texas to use fluorescence to improve brain surgery outcomes.

New Progress Against Muscular Dystrophy

An O’Donnell Brain Institute gene research team is successfully halting muscular dystrophy in the lab.

The future of fighting brain disease is happening today at the O'Donnell Brain Institute.

Some of the initiatives and technologies at the O’Donnell Brain Institute might sound like science fiction, but they’re happening today and hold tremendous promise for tomorrow – not only in understanding how brain disease works but in how to find the most effective treatments or even cures for those afflictions.