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Working closely with our entire heart team, UT Southwestern Medical Center’s heart surgeons take a personalized approach to treating heart conditions with surgery when it’s the best option.

UT Southwestern is among the nation’s leading centers for cardiac surgery, performing advanced, evidence-based procedures for virtually every operable heart condition.

A Personalized Approach to Heart Surgery

Although many heart conditions can be treated nonsurgically, some do require an operation.

UT Southwestern is one of the nation’s leading centers for cardiac surgery – both minimally invasive and traditional open procedures. Our surgeons are widely recognized by their peers as authorities in the innovative and effective use of surgical procedures to improve heart health and achieve impressive outcomes.

Our team of specialists takes a personalized approach to cardiac care, evaluating every patient’s unique circumstances, preferences, and goals to determine the most appropriate intervention to treat their heart disease and improve their health.


Our experienced cardiothoracic surgeons perform the most advanced, evidence-based procedures for conditions that include:


Our surgeons are specially trained and experienced in performing a wide variety of surgical procedures, such as:

UT Southwestern also offers a dedicated Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. Cardiac rehabilitation is a critical component of recovery and can prevent future heart disease.

Clinical Trials

As one of the nation’s top academic medical centers, UT Southwestern offers a number of clinical trials aimed at improving the outcomes of patients with cardiovascular disease.

Clinical trials often give patients access to leading-edge treatments that are not yet widely available. Eligible patients who choose to participate in one of UT Southwestern’s clinical trials can receive treatments years before they are available to the public.