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Nationally Ranked in Cardiology

UT Southwestern Medical Center is recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the nation's top 15 hospitals for cardiology and heart surgery.

UT Southwestern Medical Center’s experienced general cardiologists expertly diagnose and treat people with a wide variety of suspected and diagnosed heart conditions. Working with our cardiology subspecialist and cardiothoracic surgery colleagues, we deliver a comprehensive range of heart services, tests, and treatments.

Skilled Diagnosis and Care for a Spectrum of Heart Conditions

UT Southwestern’s experienced general cardiologists comprehensively evaluate and treat patients with known or suspected heart disease.

Our doctors are experts in all aspects of modern cardiology, and, when necessary, they work with our cardiothoracic surgeons to deliver unsurpassed care.

Heart Conditions We Treat

Our general cardiologists evaluate and care for people diagnosed with or suspected to have conditions such as:

Heart Treatments We Offer

At UT Southwestern, we offer a complete range of services, tests, and treatment options for a wide variety of heart conditions.

These offerings include:

Support Services

UT Southwestern’s cardiac rehabilitation specialists create customized plans that integrate proper nutrition, exercise, and, if necessary, nicotine cessation into patients’ lifestyles to improve their cardiovascular health.

Clinical Trials

As one of the nation’s top academic medical centers, UT Southwestern offers a number of clinical trials aimed at improving the outcomes of patients with cardiovascular disease.

Clinical trials often give patients access to leading-edge treatments that are not yet widely available. Eligible patients who choose to participate in one of UT Southwestern’s clinical trials might receive treatments years before they are available to the public.