Pancreatic Diseases

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At UT Southwestern Medical Center, our specialists use state-of-the-art medical resources to diagnose pancreatic diseases such as cystic neoplasms, and are experts at using endoscopy to evaluate and treat them.

Our multidisciplinary approach includes a dedicated and experienced group of physicians, which includes:

  • Gastroenterologists
  • Geneticists, nutritionists, radiologists, and oncologists
  • Surgeons with expertise in managing benign and malignant diseases of the pancreas

These specialists collaborate to evaluate and treat a myriad of pancreatic diseases including pancreas cysts, cystic neoplasms, and ductal cell adenocarcinoma of the pancreas.

Our program offers minimally invasive procedures, as well as standard surgery to treat pancreatic cysts and other conditions that may accompany pancreatic disease. Innovative treatment approaches to pancreas disease, such as endoscopic cyst drainage with stenting and re-establishment of pancreas duct patency through endoscopic techniques, are also offered.

In some cases, organ-preserving surgery – such as the Beger resection – or limited tail resections of the pancreas are offered after consultation with our surgeons.

Comprehensive care includes referrals to our Pain Management program for patients with chronic pain due to chronic pancreatitis.