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Expertise and collaboration is vital in treating patients who have both heart disease and cancer, and UT Southwestern Medical Center’s specialized Onco-Cardiology team delivers both. A leader in treating both cancer and heart disease, UT Southwestern delivers experienced, integrated care that’s informed by the latest research.

As the only National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center in North Texas, we deliver the best cancer care available today and push to discover new treatments. NCI designation means we offer patients the ability to participate in the broadest possible range of clinical trials, with access to potential therapies not available at other facilities.

Collaborative Care for Patients with Cancer and Heart Disease

Onco-cardiology – also called cardio-oncology – is an emerging subspecialty in which cancer and heart disease experts work together to treat people who have both conditions. This collaborative, multidisciplinary approach helps improve patients’ overall outcomes.

While researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center and around the world are making breakthroughs in the connection between cancer treatment therapies and heart disease, UT Southwestern is at the forefront of understanding and treating both conditions.

Our cancer and heart disease team investigates how to shield the cardiovascular system from unwanted side effects of cancer treatment and, when damage does occur, how best to treat cancer survivors’ unique cardiac conditions.

UT Southwestern also offers a dedicated Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. Cardiac rehabilitation is a critical component of recovery and can prevent future heart disease.


Heart disease can be one of the side effects of some cancer chemotherapies or radiation. Conditions such as cardiomyopathy, heart attacks, strokes, and congestive heart failure can develop with some types of cancer treatment.


UT Southwestern offers a variety of science-based treatments for all types of heart disease and cancer.

Eligible patients also have opportunities to participate in clinical trials of the most promising new treatments for both cancer and heart disease.

Clinical Trials

As one of the nation’s top academic medical centers, UT Southwestern offers a wide range of clinical trials aimed at improving the outcomes of patients with many types of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Clinical trials often give patients access to leading-edge treatments that are not yet widely available. Eligible patients who choose to participate in one of UT Southwestern’s clinical trials can receive treatments years before they are available to the public.

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