Radiation Oncology

Patient Stories

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Cancer touches the lives of everyone. Here we highlight patients who share their inspiring stories of hope.

Kevin Stanfield's Story

Kevin came to UT Southwestern after learning he had prostate cancer. He enrolled in the POTEN-C trial and was treated by Dr. Desai.

Marilyn Gibson's Story

A mammogram and X-ray revealed a small tumor in Marilyn's breast. After surgery, she opted for a clinical trial at UT Southwestern, led by Dr. Rahimi, delivering one large dose of radiation to the partial breast, versus several rounds of smaller doses used in traditional therapy. 

Maria Snead's Story

Maria came to UT Southwestern when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She was treated with chemotherapy, followed by radiation and brachytherapy with Dr. Albuquerque.

Angela Baas's Story

Angela was diagnosed with stage-IV kidney cancer before coming to UT Southwestern. Dr. Hannan treated her with stereotactic body radiation therapy.


Rob Tenery’s Story

Dr. Rob Tenery was diagnosed with epithelial growth factor receptor-positive lung cancer in 2011. He was referred to UT Southwestern and was treated with an oral chemotherapy drug for two-and-a-half years. Six years later, a PET scan revealed four metastatic lesions on his ribs, scapula, and spine. He came to Dr. Choy and was treated with chemotactic-radiation therapy. Read Dr. Tenery's story.


Clyde Ledgerwood's Story

When Clyde Ledgerwood found out he had a tumor on his tongue he had several options to weigh. Ultimately, he decided to come to UT Southwestern where he would be treated by Dr. Sher on the INFIELD trial. Read Mr. Ledgerwood's story.


Jimmy Brewer's Story

When Jimmy Brewer began experiencing stomach pains that lasted for over a year, he knew he needed to find help. After finding out he had pancreatic cancer, he came to UT Southwestern where he met Dr. Aguilera and was treated on the PanCRS trial. Read Mr. Brewer's story.


McCade Miller's Story

McCade Miller started having vision problems, followed by headaches and other symptoms. His hometown neurosurgeon referred him to UT Southwestern for care. Read Mr. Miller's story.


Deanna Ireland's Story

Deanna Ireland came to UT Southwestern when she was diagnosed with vaginal cancer. She was treated with chemotherapy, radiation, and a special type of radiation therapy called brachytherapy. Read Ms. Ireland's story.