Surgical Oncology

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UT Southwestern Medical Center’s specialized surgical oncologists – members of the National Cancer Institute-designated Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center – use the most advanced techniques and technologies to surgically treat many types of cancer.

Experts at Treating Cancer with Surgery

Surgical oncology is the medical subspecialty that involves treating cancer or precancerous conditions with surgery.

Many – though not all – types and cases of cancer can be managed surgically, either with surgery alone or as part of a larger treatment plan. Comprehensive cancer treatment might include, for example, surgery followed or preceded by immune therapy, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy.

Some cancer surgeries can be performed using minimally invasive techniques, while others might require traditional open surgery. Some procedures can be done on an outpatient basis, while others require a hospital stay.

UT Southwestern’s disease-specific surgical oncologists deliver expert care in every aspect of cancer surgery. Working seamlessly as part of disease-oriented teams, we collaborate with other cancer specialists at UT Southwestern to provide care and support that’s focused on meeting the needs of each patient.


Our multidisciplinary team of surgeons specializes in treating cancers such as:

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In addition to expertise in patient care, our doctors are active in research and educational activities, including teaching health care professionals about the latest advances in cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment.

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The UTSW POSH Program

The UT Southwestern Perioperative Optimization of Senior Health (UTSW POSH) Program is an innovative, interdisciplinary model of care designed for older adults undergoing elective surgical procedures.

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