What To Know: A Weekly Video Series

Join us every Friday for our new video series hosted by Dr. John Warner, Executive Vice President for Health System Affairs and featuring UT Southwestern specialists from the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. As the only academic medical center in North Texas, we consider it our mission to keep you safe and informed, especially during this crisis.

Taking Flight Again


The COVID-19 pandemic sent the world's travel industry into a free-fall in mid-March, and it is just now beginning to inch its way back. Southwest Airlines' top executive Gary C. Kelly joins Dr. John Warner to talk about the slow and safe journey back for the Dallas-based airline and its passengers.

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COVID-19: Endangering our hearts and minds


The pandemic is putting stroke and heart attack victims at increased risk as many are staying away from the ER, despite telltale symptoms. UT Southwestern’s Babu Welch, a neurosurgeon, and cardiologist James de Lemos analyze the troubling trend and articulate why 911 is still the safest call.

The New House Call with Dr. Suzanne Cole and Alan Kramer


This week on What to Know, Dr. John Warner discusses the evolution and future of virtual care with Alan Kramer, architect of UT Southwestern’s telemedicine strategy, and Dr. Suzanne Cole, an early adopter of video visits and Medical Director of Simmons Cancer Clinic at Richardson/Plano.

Bedside with COVID-19 and CNE Susan Hernandez


UT Southwestern’s Chief Nursing Executive Susan Hernandez, along with a nurse from the COVID-19 unit and an ED nurse, join Dr. John Warner to provide an insiders’ perspective on patient care during the pandemic. Staff at Clements University Hospital is delivering safe and expert support to all patients during these challenging times.

The COVID-19 Trials with Dr. James “Brad” Cutrell


Dr. James “Brad” Cutrell, Medical Director of Antimicrobial Stewardship at Clements University Hospital, provides an inside perspective on clinical trials and the search for coronavirus therapies, ranging from remdesivir to convalescent plasma to potential vaccines.

The Truth About COVID-19 Testing with Dr. Julie Trivedi


On the debut episode of What To Know, the infectious disease specialist joins Dr. John Warner to discuss the plan for increased testing, both for the virus and for antibodies. They also tackle the question of when we all might begin to return to normal.