Male Urology Problems

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The urologists at UT Southwestern Medical Center are internationally recognized as leaders in the treatment of urological conditions that affect men. Many of our physicians lead groundbreaking research in areas such as incontinence; benign prostatic diseases such as enlarged prostate; prostate, bladder, kidney and other cancers; erectile dysfunction; and minimally invasive surgical techniques.

UT Southwestern’s male urology specialists offer each patient a unique treatment plan designed to achieve an effective cure, an optimal rehabilitation, and an improved quality of life.

Sensitive Care for Male Urology Problems

UT Southwestern specialists expertly treat an array of conditions that affect the kidney, ureter, bladder, and male genitals. Our dedicated urologists treat male urology concerns that include:

Diagnosis of Male Urology Problems

Our urologists first conduct a thorough physical examination and talk with men about their medical and family history. Diagnostic tests for male urology problems can include:

Treatments for Male Urology Problems

Some male urology problems can resolve on their own, but others need treatment. UT Southwestern offers a number of advanced therapies to treat the full range of male urology concerns. These treatments include:


The urologists at UT Southwestern also perform vasectomies, sometimes called “male sterilization.” During these simple outpatient procedures, the two tiny vessels in the scrotum that carry sperm (the vas deferens) are cut or blocked.

Because a vasectomy doesn’t allow a man’s sperm to become part of his semen, the procedure permanently prevents pregnancy in female sexual partners.

Male Infertility

At UT Southwestern we are dedicated to providing comprehensive care in the diagnosis and treatment of men experiencing fertility problems. We work collaboratively with reproductive endocrinologists (female fertility experts) to enhance the overall fertility care of the couple.

Common male urology treatments:

  • Vasectomy reversals
  • Testicular sperm extractions
  • Varicocele repair
  • Fertility preservation in cancer patients
  • Medical management of low sperm counts, low sperm motility, and low sperm morphology