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Enroll in Research Registry

UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Research Participant Registry allows patients who use MyChart, our electronic patient portal, to opt in to become a member of our volunteer database and potentially be matched with a research study.

Research is a vital part of advancing medical knowledge and finding better ways to treat, prevent, diagnose, and understand human disease. Many of the most important discoveries made at UT Southwestern could not have happened without research volunteers.

What Does It Mean to Be a Research Volunteer?

This video features real people who have participated in research at UT Southwestern.

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Joining the Future of Medicine

UT Southwestern’s Research Participant Registry is a database that matches volunteers (in good health or with a particular condition) with research studies that need them.

Enrollment in the Registry is completely voluntary. It simply informs UT Southwestern researchers of a patient’s interest in research and allows them to access that patient’s information if they have a study the patient might qualify for. 

Volunteers are imperative to the future of medicine and clinical research. Can we count you in?

Current MyChart Users: Ready to Enroll in Registry

Patients who already use MyChart and would like to enroll in the Registry can follow these steps:

  • Log in to MyChart
  • Select Message Center
  • Select Questionnaires
  • Select Volunteer Research Participant Registry and read the consent form. To join the Registry, select “I Agree.”

Registrants will receive a confirmation message within 24 to 48 hours. Afterward, registrants might hear from a researcher within a few weeks or months, or they might never be matched with a study. Either way, they will receive newsletters and updates from the Registry office. We appreciate patients’ enrollment in our Registry and their contribution to the future of medicine.

Learn more in our Volunteer Research Participant Registry FAQ (PDF).

Sign Up for MyChart to Enroll in Registry

MyChart is UT Southwestern’s electronic patient portal through which patients can access their medical information and communicate with their health care providers. The consent form to enroll in the Research Participant Registry is housed in MyChart.

To sign up for MyChart, patients can use the activation code they received from their UT Southwestern doctor’s office and visit the MyChart sign-up page. Those who don’t have an activation code can call the MyChart Help Line at 214-648-8888. After enrolling in MyChart, follow the directions above to access the Research Participant Registry consent form.

Find a Clinical Trial

After enrolling in our Registry, or to explore current research studies before enrolling, visit StudyFinder.

Protecting Research Participants

When conducting clinical trials, UT Southwestern’s most important responsibility is to protect research volunteers  through well-designed protocols, a dedicated Institutional Review Board (IRB), and a careful informed consent process.

Contact Us

For more information about enrolling in the Research Participant Registry or about joining a clinical research study, contact:

Kate Wilkinson, M.S.
Research Participant Advocate