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What Is a Video Visit?

A video visit is a safe and convenient way to get access to a broad spectrum of UT Southwestern specialists. During the COVID-19 emergency, UT Southwestern has expedited the roll-out of a virtual care platform that allows patients and nearly all of our providers to connect through video visits rather than in the office. If you have an upcoming appointment that is eligible to transition to a video visit, you'll be contacted by a UT Southwestern team member to discuss the possibility. If you don’t have the necessary technology for a video visit, your provider may consider conducting a phone appointment. Once scheduled, video visits are accessible via MyChart.

Instructions for your Video Visit:

Mobile Devices        Desktop/Laptop

What to Expect

  • A video visit appointment is scheduled by a member of your care team​.
  • Instructions are received ahead of the visit via MyChart messaging.
  • Set up the visit on a computer, laptop, smartphone (iOS, Android), or tablet (A camera and microphone on your device are required, and both must be enabled in your device's Settings.)
  • Log in to your video visit approximately 30 minutes prior to the appointment.
  • Confirm personal information, including medications, allergies, and copay (if applicable).
  • An "After Visit Summary" will be sent to your MyChart inbox with details of your appointment.

Before Your Visit

Check Your Internet Connection Speed 

  1. On your device and from the location you will use during your visit, go to to check the speed of your internet connection. It is recommended that you connect to your home wireless network and conduct your visit near the wireless router.
  2. Click on “Go” to check the download speed of your internet connection.
  3. Verify you have a minimum download speed of 3.0 Mbps.

Video Visit Instructions: Mobile Devices

If you use an Apple iOS device (iPhone or iPad), prior to beginning telehealth video visits with your doctor, please be sure that you have the latest release of the MyChart App (9.2.6) in order to have a successful visit.  

To be sure you have the latest version installed, go to:

  • App Store > 
  • Search >
  • Type “mychart” and look for the official MyChart app ("Your secure health connection") > 
  • If the oval box displays "OPEN", you are up to date. 
  • If the oval box displays “UPDATE”, then please click on this to update the MyChart app for the latest version.

Watch a tutorial on how to prepare for your video visit on your mobile device.

Download the Required Mobile Applications (Complete Before Your Visit)

Download the UTSW MyChart Mobile Application

  1. From your device’s application store, search for MyChart.
  2. Download and install the MyChart application.
  3. Add UT Southwestern as an “Organization.”
  4. Log in as a test.

Note: You can access MyChart from a mobile browser at; however, the user experience might be different, and it is therefore recommended that you download the MyChart mobile application.

Download the BlueJeans Video Conference Application

  1. From your mobile device’s application store, search for "BlueJeans."
  2. Download and install the application.

Note: You will not need an account.

Starting Your Video Visit (Within 30 Minutes of Appointment):

  1. Log in to the MyChart mobile application.
  2. Select the “Appointments” icon.
  3. Select the "MyChart Video Visit." 
  4. Select and complete the "eCheck-in" process if the button it appears. If the "eCheck-in" button does not appear, please call 214-648-8888 for assistance.  
  5. Begin your video visit by selecting the camera icon.
  6. The installed BlueJeans video conference application will load, and, depending on your device, you might receive several prompts to allow use of the camera and microphone.
  7. If your care team has not yet connected, your screen will show that you are the only one in the meeting.

Download these instructions in Spanish.

Video Visit Instructions: Desktops and Laptops

Watch a tutorial on how to prepare for your video visit on your desktop and laptop.

Starting Your Video Visit (Within 30 Minutes of Appointment):

  1. From a browser (Chrome is recommended), log in to your MyChart account at
  2. Click on the “Appointments” icon in the top menu.
  3. Click on “Appointments and Visits” from the menu.
  4. If the “eCheck-in” button appears, click on it and complete all the steps. If the "eCheck-in" button does not appear, please call 214-648-8888 for assistance. 
  5. Click on the “Details” button.
  6. To start your video visit, click on the “Begin Video Visit” button. Please ensure that you’ve enabled permission to use the camera and microphone.
  7. If your care team has not connected, your screen will show that you are the only one in the meeting.  

Note: In some cases, you will not be required to download the BlueJeans application to your desktop or laptop to connect to the video visit. If you are accessing MyChart from Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari, you will be connecting via the web browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, you might be prompted to download the BlueJeans application on your device. Once the download is complete, you will be automatically directed to the video visit.

Download these instructions in Spanish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this service available for me when I am outside the state of Texas?

Regulations require that both the patient and the provider be physically located in the state of Texas during this visit. ***With the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, this regulation requiring both parties to be located in the state of Texas has temporarily been removed. ***

I don't have the technology for a video visit. Is a telephone only visit an option?

If you are eligible for a video visit but don’t have the necessary technology, your provider may be able to conduct the visit by telephone, if that is appropriate for your care. The Texas Medical Board has temporarily lifted some restrictions on scheduled visits to be completed by telephone only. We will need a phone number where we can contact you, and before the visit begins you’ll be asked to confirm your identity and provide verbal consent to a telephone only visit.

What if I am having difficulties with MyChart, the video, or my device?

If you have technical issues or questions, you can call 214-648-8888 to speak to a member of our MyChart support team. This service is available 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday – Friday.

Can I use this service for my child?

Yes. Please discuss with your child’s physician for more details. Depending on where your child is seen, your visit will take place using either UT Southwestern’s MyChart or Children’s Health MyChart. This information will be provided when scheduling your visit.

Will my insurance cover this visit?

Each insurance plan has a specific benefit design based on your coverage. While most insurance companies are fully covering video visits in the same way in-person visits are covered, we encourage you to reach out to your insurance company regarding your benefits. If your insurance does not cover the service provided, you will be billed for the entire cost of the visit. 

Is my privacy protected during a video or audio visit?

UT Southwestern Medical Center strictly adheres to the privacy policies detailed in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and those same confidentiality rules apply to video visits and any appointment conducted by phone call. Additionally, the physician or care team member conducting the video visit will be in a private location and all patient information will be protected under HIPPA.

Can I get a prescription?

Yes, if it is medically appropriate. As with an in-person appointment, the prescription will be ready on the same day and delivered to the pharmacy of your choice.


Your physician and care team will let you know if a video visit is an option for you. In some cases, it may not be appropriate such as for emergency situations. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the closest emergency room.