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In compliance with 42 CFR Parts 412, 413, 424, and 495  [CMS-1694-P] Section X; RIN 0938-AT27, effective January 1, 2019, we have posted the most recent copy of our charge listing. This charge listing applies to services rendered at William P. Clements Jr. University HospitalZale Lipshy Pavilion – William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital, and hospital-based clinics across our campus. 

These prices are subject to change without notice and are updated annually. This listing is meant only to give you a general idea of what we charge for certain procedures. For an estimate of your out-of-pocket expense, please contact a Financial Wellness Advisor to obtain a Cost Estimate:

Medicare beneficiaries can reference additional outpatient price comparisons here

Download a copy of the hospital charge list (1.6 MB XLS file).

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For general billing inquires please contact the Account Resolution Department at: