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Dwight Powell Children and Family Support Program

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Get to know Dwight Powell and learn why supporting families in the cancer journey is important to him.

A diagnosis in the family introduces a new range of responsibilities and obligations, such as scheduling and attending medical appointments that might conflict with school and social activities. At UT Southwestern’s Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center, we understand that a cancer diagnosis has a unique impact on each family member, and we are dedicated to helping provide personalized support.

The Children and Family Support Program, made possible by generous support from Dwight Powell of the Dallas Mavericks, provides guidance, education, and resources to help patients and their children cope with cancer.

Types of assistance may include:

  • Music therapy provided by oncology-trained, board-certified music specialists
  • “Legacy” work individualized for families to help cope with a terminal diagnosis
  • Videos and other tools for parents and grandparents on how to talk to children about cancer
  • Transportation assistance for the cancer patient, his or her child, and caregiver for those who qualify for financial assistance
  • Family-centered workshops to provide education on employment and insurance benefits, advance directives, and other, similar concerns (Medicaid, Medicare, long-term care, etc.)
  • School supplies and after-school care including tutoring, camps, music lessons, sports league registrations, and other needs for those who qualify for financial assistance
  • Cleaning help for the family’s home for those who qualify for assistance
  • Prepared food and meal delivery services
  • Special assistance for special needs children
  • A broad range of other supplies/services, tailored to individual needs

Comprehensive Care Goes Beyond Medical Treatment

The Dwight Powell Children and Family Support Program allows UT Southwestern to focus on family-centered care. Learn about what resources the Dwight Powell Fund provides, and how this kind of support has helped Alexia Lynch and many more families in need.

To learn more about this program or to speak with an oncology expert to help identify your family’s emotional, social, spiritual, and financial needs, please contact Alex Huffman, LCSW, OSW-C, at scccsupport@utsouthwestern.edu or 214-645-2742.

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