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Caregiver Support

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Individual Counseling for Oncology Caregivers

Are you caring for a family member with cancer? Then you are an oncology caregiver.

Caregivers are an essential part of the care team for every person diagnosed with cancer. Even if you are not the person with the cancer diagnosis, you are impacted by your loved one’s cancer diagnosis.

The stress of cancer caregiving may impact your mood, your relationships, your ability to work, to care for children, or your ability to take care of yourself.

UT Southwestern Cancer Center values the role of oncology caregiver, and believes that you deserve access to individual care for your unique needs. Individual counseling for oncology caregivers focuses on:

  • The importance of self-care
  • Processing thoughts and feelings
  • Learning healthy coping techniques

If you are interested in an individual counseling session for concerns related to being an oncology caregiver, please request a referral from the patient’s oncology team.

UT Southwestern Oncology Caregiver Support Group

Are you supporting a family member through cancer treatment? Then you are a caregiver.

Providing care and support during cancer treatment can be a challenge. It’s common to feel overwhelmed with the new or ongoing role of caregiver. All caregivers need support. Joining a support group may help you gain new insights, get ideas about how to cope, and help you know that you're not alone. In a support group, people may talk about their feelings, trade advice, or sometimes just listen. Please join us!

Who: Exclusively for caregivers of UT Southwestern oncology patients. A caregiver is any adult who is caring for a person who has been diagnosed with cancer.

When: June 13, July 11, August 8, September 12, October 10, November 14 & December 12

Time: 5:30 – 7 p.m.

Where: via Zoom.

RSVP to Dinah Foster, LCSW, to receive the Zoom link.