Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center

EMBRACE Survivorship

EMBRACE is a half-day survivorship symposium designed to assist patients and their families with physical, emotional, and practical issues that can arise during their cancer journey. Our multidisciplinary EMBRACE Survivorship team includes physical and occupational therapists, social workers, dietitians, nurse navigators, and music therapists – all of whom are focused solely on strengthening, relieving, and comforting our patients and their families.

The symposium takes place on Saturday, October 19, 2019, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Seay Biomedical Building at 2201 Inwood Road. We encourage reservations. A continental breakfast and lunch will be provided. 

For any questions, please email Alexandra Huffman, LCSW, or call her at 214-645-2742.

Centered on Energy, Mind, Body, Relationships, Active Nutrition, and Creative Expression (EMBRACE), we will cover the following topics:

Nutrition and Cancer

Nutrition is an important part of cancer treatment because a well-balanced diet helps keep the body as healthy as it can be. This session focuses on which foods are healthy to eat and how to maintain good nutrition habits during and after cancer treatment.

Physical Wellness

We seek to improve patients’ physical wellness by complementing traditional medicine and rehabilitation services, like physical and occupational therapy, with relaxing treatments such as skincare and overall wellness therapies. This session will explore various light exercises that patients can do during treatment to feel better and recover faster as well as provide information on oncology esthetic services that can benefit those who have experienced skin or hair side effects.

Music Therapy, Meditation, and Guided Imagery

Music therapists use music to help patients and their families adjust to the changes that treatment brings to their lives. This session demonstrates different techniques – such as music interventions, meditation and deep breathing exercises, and guided imagery – that can help patients express themselves, improve their mood, and reduce anxiety and stress.

Family Relationships and Caregiver Stress

Caregivers are an important part of a patient’s care team. Frequently, caregivers become so involved in caring for their loved ones that they become emotionally and physically exhausted. This session shows caregivers and patients how to manage stress and stay physically and emotionally healthy.

Work, Disability, and Insurance

Whether patients are returning to their former job or looking for a new career, the next phase of their work life will likely bring new challenges. This session focuses on some of the emotional, practical, and financial concerns common to survivors who are returning to work.

Fear of Recurrence and Personal Growth after Cancer

The end of cancer treatment should be a joyous accomplishment, but those completing treatment sometimes find they struggle with the fear that cancer might return. This session introduces patients to various techniques that can help control the fear of cancer returning and focus on identifying the meaning of their cancer experience to develop a new plan for their life.