Primary Care

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At UT Southwestern Medical Center, our primary care physicians strive to help our patients maintain optimal health and well-being throughout their lives. Our physicians are dedicated to treating patients with attentive and compassionate care in the following primary care services:

  • Family Medicine: Provides comprehensive care including preventive care and disease maintenance for the whole family, from newborns to seniors
  • General Internal Medicine: Specializes in maintaining long-term adult wellness, including the prevention and treatment of common disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity and osteoporosis. Coordinates care with other specialists
  • Geriatrics: Focuses on comprehensive health care for seniors 

UT Southwestern has pioneered many important advances in medicine and patient care, and our primary care physicians are widely regarded as among the best in the nation. 

Our Primary Care Specialists

UT Southwestern has one of the largest academic physician practices in the nation and is a major referral center for patients with the most complex conditions. Our commitment to primary care is exemplified by the comprehensive specialties we offer.

Our physicians have the extensive knowledge and expertise that comes from evaluating and treating thousands of patients. On an annual basis, our clinicians provide care to patients during more than 2 million outpatient visits and 89,000 inpatient visits.

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