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HealthShare Video Chat

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UTSW HealthShare is a video chat program developed by UT Southwestern. It lets patients in William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital video chat with members of their care team as well as with friends and family during their hospital stay. UTSW HealthShare leverages industry-leading technology to provide easy-to-use, safe, and secure healthcare video chats. 

How Does it Work?

Each patient room at Clements University Hospital is wired with video-conferencing equipment that is activated by the patient. During the admission process, the patient can sign up for UTSW HealthShare and notify our staff of friends and family they would like to chat with. Selected friends and family will receive an email invitation with a unique video chat ID that is used with the UTSW HealthShare program. 

How Do You Start a Video Chat?

Each patient has access to a unique and secure “virtual videoconferencing room” through their patient room TV. The UTSW HealthShare e-mail invitations provide entry into the virtual videoconferencing room. The video chat can only begin when the patient enters the videoconferencing room by selecting the UTSW HealthShare option on their patient room TV.

When Will the Patient be Available to Video Chat?

The patient is in 100-percent control of their video chats. Videoconferencing equipment can only be activated when the patient turns it on through the patient room TV controls. If you would like to video chat with your family member or friend in Clements University Hospital, you must call the patient room phone number (listed on the email invitation) and arrange a time to video chat with the patient.

What Do I Need to Get Started? 

First, you need a HealthShare invitation from the patient in Clements University Hospital. Then, you must have a compatible Windows or Mac computer, iOS device (iPhone/iPad), or Android device. Your device must have the appropriate software to use HealthShare. Detailed requirements and device set-up instructions are listed below: