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UT Southwestern's Peter O'Donnell Jr. Brain Institute's Second Opinion Program now includes more diagnoses and is open to many patients outside of Texas.  

The program offers a secure, online method for patients to request a written second opinion from our world-class physicians. 

Receiving a second opinion is easyconvenient, and all done online. You don’t even have to leave home.

How does this work?

  1. You will be asked to create an account and upload medical records.
  2. The fee for a second opinion ranges from  $400-$1000 payable by credit card.
  3. If you would rather see one of our physicians in person, please call 214-645-2300 to schedule an appointment. 

Our physicians can provide an online written second opinion for the following diagnoses:

The service is available to residents of Texas and many other states. The following states are currently excluded from the program: California, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Dakota, New York, and Wyoming. 

If you live in one of the excluded states, we encourage you to call 214-645-2300 and set up an appointment to see one of our providers in person. 

The fee for this service ranges from $400-$1000 payable by credit card.

How to Request a Written Second Opinion

Terms and Conditions

Review our Terms and Conditions. You will be asked to confirm your agreement later in the process.


Review FAQs at the bottom of the page. Further questions? Email our coordinator.

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Make request now. Please remember, a credit card is needed to make payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a remote second opinion?

A remote second opinion from UT Southwestern's Peter O'Donnell Jr. Brain Institute provides you with an opportunity to learn more about your diagnosis. Our physicians will provide you with additional information as well as possible alternative treatment options for you and your local health care provider to consider. A second opinion is not a substitute for in-person care and no physician-patient relationship is intended or created by this program. 

When is a remote second opinion appropriate?

A remote second opinion can be an important informational and educational tool following any complicated diagnosis or treatment recommendation. One of our physicians will review the diagnosis and treatment recommendation you’ve received along with your relevant medical records, including imaging, to provide you with expert information and education. In many cases, a second opinion will simply provide you with more information about your condition and peace of mind, but sometimes a second opinion provides information on other possible tests or treatments to consider.

Can anyone request a second opinion from UT Southwestern for any diagnosis?

At this time, UT Southwestern's remote second opinion program is available online for individuals who meet the following criteria: 

1. At least 18 years of age

2. Have one of these diagnoses: 

3. Reside in Texas or one of the states that is not excluded from the program. Excluded states are: California, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Dakota, New York, and Wyoming. 

PLEASE NOTE: If we determine that you do not meet our criteria for a remote second opinion, UT Southwestern reserves the right to decline the request. Any payment made in advance will be refunded.

If you are interested in an in-person second opinion, please contact 214-645-2300 to make an appointment with one of our providers on the UT Southwestern campus.

How long will it take to receive my second opinion?

Once our team has confirmed receipt of all participant paperwork - signed terms and conditions, medical records, images, and payment, your second opinion information will be available within 7-10 business days.

Do I need my doctor's permission to seek a second opinion?

If you reside in Texas, you do not need permission or a signed form from your current doctor. If you live out of state, you will need to provide a signed physician consent form from your doctor.

How do I send my imaging records to UT Southwestern?

When you fill out the form for a second opinion request, you will be able to upload your records. There is also an option for mailing us your records, if needed.

What if I want to see a UT Southwestern doctor in person?

Please call 214-645-2391 to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors.

Is your Remote Second Opinion website secure?

Yes, our website is HIPAA and PCI compliant.  

Will my insurance cover the cost of a second opinion from UT Southwestern?

In most cases, insurance will not cover the cost but you will receive a receipt for the $400-$1000 payment and can file a claim with your health insurance provider.

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